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We are Registered Dietitians.

Ahara®️ is at the forefront of a groundbreaking movement, seamlessly integrating food and nutrition into the heart of healthcare. We uphold the highest standards of evidence-based practices in food and nutrition by relying on the only qualified providers of nutrition recognized by the National Academy of Medicine: Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs), THE food and nutrition experts.

Food is
For All
At Ahara®️, our entire national team of nutrition providers are RDNs; highly educated, credentialed, and diverse ensuring every aspect of our approach aligns with the latest scientific advancements. We bring our RDN nutrition experts to patients' fingertips in hundreds of languages through our best-in-class app providing a scalable evidence-based FIM solution. Ahara®️ is not just a participant in the FIM movement; we are advocates for scientific integrity elevating FIM to a higher caliber. By staying aligned with the science and relying on RDNs to lead us, we aim not only to provide effective solutions but to contribute to the continuous evolution and credibility of the FIM field.

Ahara's unique connection with participants ensures meaningful and lasting behavior change, proven to reduce hospitalizations and effectively manage chronic conditions. At Ahara®️, our commitment is measured not just by the medically-tailored meals we deliver but by the enduring improvements in health and quality of life that our participants experience.